Acquisition - Buy a Business With Confidence

The beginning of a great relationship between buyers, sellers and brokers is  by first coming to complete trust and confidence in each other. Clear Path has the experience, attention to detail and standards to attain and maintain this relationship.

Buying a business involves a high level of confidentiality and an experienced, licensed professional who specializes in business sales. We help you with the entire transaction from helping you determine your business objectives, through analyzing potential business opportunities, through negotiations, and finally to closing.

While the online databases can be an excellent starting point, it can be frustrating for a buyer to wade through the numerous listings that might be overpriced, have unsupported cash flow, or lack critical information.

The best listings are not always on the Internet.

In addition to searching for businesses for sale online, we can also help our buyers gain access to a wide selection of opportunities that may not be publicly listed for sale.  We put our track record and quality connections at the forefront in the resort markets of the Southeast U.S. and assist buyers with a focused search to nail down specific criteria, including:

  • the specific hospitality industry or resort property type

  • where it is located

  • what skills or experience is necessary

  • if the business is financeable

  • if the business is viable

  • if there is a sustainable tourism community that actively markets the specific region, county, or city/town.


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“We bridge the gap between expectations of the buyer and the reality the market.”