Divestiture - A Proven Approach

We understand the challenges you face as you prepare to sell your business.

A business divestiture can be far more challenging than most business owners expect. When you enlist our help, we focus on vetting buyers, ensuring confidentiality of the process and answering questions so you can focus on your business. Our role is to manage and execute this confidential process so you can continue to focus on running your company during it. With the sale of the business, it’s not about staking a sign in the front yard and waiting for the calls. It’s about partnering with professionals who use calculated communications, long-term relationships, peer resources, and a cultivated “rolodex” of other companies and entities looking for a business like yours.

Discreet, Confidential and Successful.

The ONLY way to handle the sale of your business.

Our Approach and Services

  • We work together to understand your objectives

  • We review your business in-depth, and analyze financial statements and industry drivers

  • We provide comprehensive market research of similar businesses to prepare a business valuation, ensure your asking price is correct, and to understand the market

  • We prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to engage potential buyers.

  • We market your business to our vetted data base of potential buyers.  

  • We diligently screen all potential buyers

  • We educate buyers about your business

  • We review each offer with you and provide negotiation assistance

  • We assist with completing all of the due diligence involved with the sale.

  • We provide assistance at closing to ensure your objectives are met

  • We provides post-sale assistance if it is needed.

Business Research