Business Valuation

Do You Know What Your Business is Worth?

When considering selling a business, a business valuation enables you to better understand the realistic value of your company. The art of a valuation lies in the ability to apply various tools in an effective manner, utilizing professional judgment. Our valuation model helps you to achieve top dollar while increasing the chances of a quick sale.

We have performed valuations of businesses, both large and small, and have the expertise and experience to satisfy any business valuation needs.

The first step in preparing to sell your company is to understand what buyers are likely to pay for your most valuable asset. With our experience of selling companies for over 3 decades, we can confidentially examine your company to provide you with a realistic value range based on current conditions and your future performance.

Business Meeting

The principals of Clear Path have years of experience in actual ownership and management of many businesses throughout nearly 3 decades, PLUS the experience as business brokers that allows for accurate and real life valuations, resulting in closed transactions. 

We take the time to explain how we came to our valuation, addressing any questions or concerns before the sales process gets started. We’ll provide you with actionable insights on how you can improve your business’ value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. We also explore:

  •     Your industry and its outlook

  •     Your points of differentiation

  •     Your management team

  •     Your growth potential

  •     Your trademarks and other intellectual properties

  •     Your revenue and profitability trends